Social responsibility

To Russian Towers, social responsibility is an integral part of the business development strategy and upholding of the business reputation. We consider the contribution to the social development, public assistance to child patients, providing support in the field of education, science, culture, and art to be the key focus areas in the field of social responsibility.


  • Team

The employees of Russian Towers, top-class skilled professionals, are the main asset of the company. The high level of competence and teamwork are the foundation of our success.

Russian Towers sets a high value on its staff, providing people with a competitive compensation package which consists of a decent salary, medical insurance, corporate mobile communications, and other benefits.

Social support of employees

Social programs of Russian Towers are a part of the compensation package together with the monetary reward. 

The social benefit and warranty system includes the following:

·         Voluntary medical insurance;

·         Insurance of life and health of key employees and top management;

·         Corporate mobile communications;

·         Benefits paid to employees on special occasions (birth of a child, registration of marriage, death of a close relative).

Investments into staff development

Russian Towers develops and organizes corporate training programs for regular professional development of its employees. Such programs are formed with due account for strategic tasks of the company and results of the estimate of administrative and professional competence of the employees. We apply various modes of study, including seminars, training sessions, electronic courses, and individual practice.

The company organizes corporate exercises aimed at team building, the increase of the loyalty level, demonstration of the acknowledgment of labour achievements of employees, relieving of stress, development of physical culture, adaptation of new employees, and strengthening of the corporate values.

Appraisal of labour conditions

In accordance with the requirements of the Federal Law as of 28 December 2013 No. 426-FZ “On Special Appraisal of Labour Conditions” and by the Order of the Ministry of Labour of Russia as of 24 January 2014 No. 33n “On Approval of the Method for Conducting the Special Appraisal of Labour Conditions, Classifier of Harmful and (or) Hazardous Occupational Factors, Form of the Report on the Special Appraisal of Labour Conditions and Filling Instruction” in June 2017, Russian Towers conducted a the special appraisal of labor conditions (SALC).

Following the results of the SALC, the working areas were assigned class 2 (admissible).


  • Education 

Russian Towers Group of Companies being the leader of the telecom infrastructure independent operator market pays great attention to the research and technological development and building of the professional workforce capacity in its activities.

Within the framework of this trend, we cooperate with a number of Russian higher educational institutions, and students get an opportunity to participate in projects of our company.


  • Corporate philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy is one of the pillars of the company’s social responsibility. The charity strategy is focused on supporting child health and health care, learning and education, culture, creativity and growth. The company’s goal is to contribute to improving people’s lives and deal with associate tasks through providing and implementing the newest technologies.

“Helping Together” charity program

In 2016 Russian Towers began to cooperate with several charity funds and established the “Helping Together” charity program.

The program is aimed at helping seriously ill children who need high-tech advanced treatment. Money for treatment is sent from both the company’s and its employees’ funds.

Over the period of “Helping Together” program we managed to help 19 children get back to healthy life.

Russian Towers actively engages in charity programs: support SOS Chlidren’s Villages – Russia, participate in “Dobrye Kryshechki” voluntary project which helps orphan children with special developmental needs acquire special strollers, wheelchairs and walkers with the money from recycling plastic bottle caps. Also in 2019 Russian Towers provided targeted assistance to Elizavetinskiy Children’s Hospice, located in the Istrinsky District of Moscow Oblast, having placed a cell tower to provide the hospice with mobile network. In 2020 the company supported the charitable foundation “Zhivi, malysh!” in the city of Nizhny Tagil.

Preservation of cultural heritage 

Within Russian Towers’ charity program the company contributes to cultural projects development and conservation of cultural heritage.

In 2016 in the small town of Okulovka (Novgorod Oblast) the garden square surrounding the monument to Nicholas Miklouho-Maclay, the renowned Russian ethnologist and traveler, was restored. Since the year 2017 Russian Towers has participated in the life of Miklouho-Maclay Museum (situated also in Okulovka which was Miklouho-Maclay’s homeland). Every year Russian Towers grants the museum with the necessary high-tech equipment.


Since 2017, Russian Towers has supported the Moscow Zoo.

In 2020 Russian Towers serves as a guardian to the South African giraffe Lipa and the fur seal Pirate, which both live in the zoo. Thanks to Russian Towers’ care and charitable support, the animals are provided with good nutrition and comfort in the New Territory of the zoo.

The company’s employees often come to visit the animals with their children.


  • Protection of the environment

In its activities, Russian Towers is guided by the requirements of the nature conservation laws and intends to minimize any adverse effect on the environment.  

Our environmental initiatives:

·        Environmentally safe infrastructure:  

Russian Towers regularly monitors the ecological safety of its telecom infrastructure facilities.

·         Electronic document management:   

In its work, to ensure the cooperation between clients and partners, Russian Towers implements the electronic document management system which makes it possible to decrease the expense of consumed resources and make information interchange simpler and more efficient.

·         Nature conservation

To prevent the environmental pollution, Russian Towers collects household batteries and further manages this waste.